Expense Reduction Utility Services
Expense Reduction Utility Services

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Founder's Statement

During an economics course in college I was introduced to an intriguing business model. This model follows the concept of consulting services to earn a percentage of actual savings from our customers.


At that time, I had never heard of anyone who worked on a guaranteed no cost arrangement. When we started auditing utility bills in 1984 we adopted this business model and vowed that there would be no cost to our clients unless we were successful in saving them money. To this day, it is difficult to find businesses that have the confidence in their performance to make such an offer.


This business model continues to be successful for us and our customers for over 38 years.
 - Fred Winkler - Founder (Retired 2020)


In July 2020 After Fred's retirement, his younger brother Joe Winkler, along with long-time employee Renae Patterson took over the responsibilities of Expense Reduction Services with the agreement to continue what Fred started so many years ago!


What Our Clients Are Saying

David J. Valenti

East Coast Properties Grenadier Village Apartments Liverpool, New York

"We have worked with Expense Reduction Services for several years. Their professionalism; as well as their dedication to our company's utility audits has been outstanding. We recommend contracting with them for your utility refunds."

Jim Huffstickler

Treasurer Sunchase American, LTD. Charlotte, North Carolina 28209

"We have not only enjoyed but benefitted working with your company, Expense Reduction Services, in conjunction with the review of our utility bills. You have brought savings and corrected errors for us, and we appreciate all you have done. We have been very happy with your services, and would be happy to recommend your company services to anyone who would care to inquire."

Carl Chaims

Elliot Place Assoc. Ltd.

"We  are grateful with the work of Expense Reduction Services. Over the years they got us back thousands of dollars. Keep up your great work!!"

Larry Sall

Sall Associates, Ltd.

"We here at Sall Associates, Ltd. have been using Expense Reduction Services for the past 10 years now and they have assisted us every time we have gone to them. They've been a great asset to us in regards to acquiring refunds any time we have requested one, or any other assistance with reductions in our expenses. We are extremely thankful for their business, and look forward to using them more and more in the future."

Rafael Decasas

Glenview Square Apartment

"Marlene, Thank you.  I appreciate what you have done throughout the years. You guys have been able to save me money. 

Not only saved money but sending a message to the electric provider not to overcharge.  Thank you again."

Maria Germini

Metropolitan Hudson Management

"You were able to get me refunds on my utility accounts for the buildings I manage."

Joan M Bebry

Joan M Bebry LLC

“For the 45 years that we’ve been using you that we’ve never ever had a problem you’ve always come through for us”

Matthew Jennings

Chief Financial Officer (Electchester Management LLC., First Housing Co. Inc., Second Houisng Co. Inc., Third Housing Co. Inc. Fourth Housing Co. Inc., & Fifth Housing Co. Inc.

“Expense reduction Service has recovered thousands of dollars for us, by auditing our utility bills for errors and overcharges on Items that we would have never found with out any of pocket cost to us.  This  service is definitely worth trying”.


ER Holdings LLC

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marlene and Expense Reduction Services for the utility savings that they produce for us.

I have no idea how they do it but I forward to them our utility bills and after a short while we get refunds. Its like free money. I am a professional auditor and I don't know how they do it.

Its like found money and makes me a hero with my management.

We operate 60 residential buildings with almost 4,000 apartments.Thanks again marlene”

Nuhad Hattar Romano

ER Holdings LLC

“It was easy and straight forward. Minimal work in my part and at the end a nice refund surprise.”

Larry Regan

President Regan Development Corporation

“We have been working with Expense Reductions for over 20 years.

Over that period, they have been diligent in assisting our firm gain rebates on all our apartment complexes in numerous states.

They do not wait for us to call them as they are always on top of reaching out to us to assist with our reduction requests to each local utility.

This is an excellent company, and I would recommend them to any building owner looking to save money on operations who does not have the time, energy, knowledge, or staff to take on these tasks in house”

Pastor Victor M Nunez

“God is good.  

I’m happy to have you on my side, Con Edison always have the authority over everything in my area and you never sleep always work for us therefore I thank you for your labor God gives you the strength and the wisdom to keep on .Have a bless day”

Scott Heaton

Executive Vice President (California Commercial Investment Group)

“We've been using ERSI consistently for more than a decade. Over all those years, they've continued to provide us with excellent customer service and audit results. My only regret; they don't operate in more states”

Jordan Debes

Vice President (The Cabot Group Inc.

“Every three years Expense Reduction Services saves our clients thousands of dollars on their utility expenses.  It's as simple as providing copies of your utility bills.  If you're not using their services, you are doing yourself a disservice and throwing away money.  I highly recommend you engage them”.

Mike Clark

President - Clark Community Management

"Expense Reduction Services has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have utilized their services a total of four times to this point, and every time they have secured a refund for my communities. The best part of the process is that there are no out-of-pocket expenses for their expertise. Meaning, they do not receive any compensation unless they are able to secure a refund on your behalf. It is a no lose situation with everything to gain. ERS is professional, courteous, and transparent. I will continue to utilize their services for all my communities."

Margaret Castoro

Administrative Mgr. (Mallory Management Corp.

“We have used Expense Reduction Services since 2016 and we have been very pleased with the results.  They have gotten us sizeable reimbursements for three of our properties.  I would definitely recommend Expense Reduction Services to all companies who want to get money back on their utility bills”